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North Sentinel Island in Andaman

North Sentinel Island

One of the idyllic spots in the dazzling tropical paradise of Andaman is the North Sentinel Island which is isolated yet full of splendour. The main attraction in this secluded island is beaches and crystalline cobalt waters which looks breathtaking from every angle. But despite all the exotic locales, it has remained almost completely cut off from the rest of the world for 60,000 years. This is a very long period for an island to be in slumber and remoteness.

Due to the rough terrain, unnavigable path, and hostile local inhabitants attacking the visitors, the island is inaccessible has been represented as ‘the hardest place in the world to visit’, ‘the world’s most dangerous island’ 'forbidden island' and home to ‘the most isolated tribe and aboriginal societies in the world’. Detached from the outside world, it is a home to a fiercely self-governed tribe 'The ‘Sentinelis’ the local tribes and inhabitants of the island are uninfluenced by modern human civilization and urbanization for protecting their land vehemently. Overall it promises quite a lot adventure for the travellers wishing to explore the island.

North Sentinel Island: A Forbidden Locale Steeped in Mystery

The tiny and remote place is mysterious and cut off from the outside world. The only adventurer Marco Polo who dared to explore the island which is evident from his writings. In fact, the place is so remote that only once in a while in every three to five decades you can spot a ship on the island's border, whether on intention or by misadventure.

The location is extremely remote and isolated that you might anticipate this is a secret military base or the tract of a natural catastrophe. There is also no ship or helicopter available to reach there which make it a secluded and mysterious locale. Ships do not operate to take you there because there is no natural harbour.

Only a group of native people, the Sentinelese dwell on the island and are violent in nature. Their population is figured to be between 50 and 400 individuals. Due to their aggressive attitude towards strangers, people are prohibited to visit the island. The indigenous people have the reputation of attacking and killing visitors. Records also suggest that anyone who has reached the locale has faced violence and aggression in the hands of the violent local tribes.

It is believed that the main reason for their hostile nature is intentional fights with the mainlanders who came to this island in the year 1880. they were adept in speaking the English language. This campaign came to an end when the European scientists abducted an elderly couple and four children in order to "study" them. Things deteriorated when many of these unfortunate unfortunates died shortly after from illness.

However, before this incident, there was another significant happening that took place thirteen years ago. An Indian merchant ship called the Ninevah was destroyed on the encompassing reefs, and after three days on the beach, the passengers were assaulted from the jungle. Something very similar happened in 1981 when the merchandiser ship Primrose was grounded on the reef. The Sentinelese led an attack with their weapons, including their flare gun, and kept them at bay. In this way, they vehemently protected their land from intruders which have helped to keep their population intact and prevented the extinction of the tribe.

It was followed in the late 1880s that adventurer Maurice Vidal Portman made several campaigns to North Sentinel Island to learn more about it. He sought to learn more about the island for the British empire.

Know about the Local Tribes of North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese is a prominent indigenous tribe in the Andaman island. Their violent nature and attitude have prevented human to put their foot on the island and explore it. The Sentinelese are the only pre-Neolithic social group left in the world which has no contact with the outer world and human civilization.

Natural Attractions of the North Sentinel Island

Despite being uninhabited, the island abounds in natural beauty fringed with beaches having crystal clear water and covered by tropical dense forests. The beaches are dotted with towering palm trees that lend charm and beauty to the island. Steps are taken by the government to protect the marine environment and resources of the island.

The beaches are rich in exotic and colourful coral reefs and other marine creatures. They are also a haven for water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, sea walking etc. These activities provide the best opportunity to watch coral reefs and the transparent turquoise water of the seas facilitate that.

In a nutshell, North Sentinel island is one of the uninhabited places in the dazzling islands of Andaman. Only a few explorers have dared to navigate the land to know about its isolation and mystery. Despite all the scenic pastoral surroundings, it will continue to be excluded from your holiday itinerary to the Indian Archipelago in the Bay Bengal.